Friday, January 22, 2010

S/W Developer's Spellings

I have started messing up spellings of most of the words and this all has happened to me by reading and testing spellings written by developers each day. They always try to write some unique and weird kind a spelling of words; I wonder how hard they put in to think a totally out of context spelling of words.

They write -
  • Subscribtion instead of Subscription
  • Than to then & Then to Than
They love to add "something extra" to everything no matter its just an 'e'. They write -
  • Desireable instead of Desirable
They think space is a useless keyboard key. They write -
  • Doesnot to Does not
  • 9:30AM instead of 9:30 AM
Ordering of letters doesn't mean much important to them. They write -
  • Recieved instead of Received
Often they exaggerate by adding triplets instead of doubles -
  • Expresss instead of Express
Also Im not sure why they always remain in an exclamatory mood. They diligently put an exclamation mark (!) at the end of each error/success messages in softwares. They used to say -
  • Your profile information has been saved!
  • Sorry we didnt find any match for this keyword. Please try to search other similar words!
  • Your password has been changed successfully!
Ohh God, stop them please to innovate a whole new set of language.

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  1. Interesting :) hopefully developers wont mind ur post.

  2. Yes and I do hope 'developer cum testers' should also take it heartily :)

  3. well done fatima :), the things u have mentioned are even reasonable but u dont know what i have seen many times, foolish mistakes .... even a person who have very bad English will not do that sort of mistakes. Let me share it with developers in my office, i will share their response with you :)

  4. Developers actually concentrate on their logical work and don't like to waste their time on grammatical corrections.


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