Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays Sale | Discout Offers | Year-End Sale

I wonder why doesn't it happen in Pakistan!!!!

Everytime I see sale n discount offers at e-commerce websites on Christmas, New year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other so many occasions I always force to think myself why doesn't merchants in Pakistan thinks this way? Instead why they shoot up the prices whenever some special event or holidays season occurs in our country?

I'm not an economics geek who knows the pros n cons of this strategy but being a normal citizen [read it shopaholic :)] I really miss these kind a offers on our Eid events and envy people who live abroad. However here the case is totally opposite; these greedy people step-up the prices quite long before Eid events instead of lowering.

They copy Europeans all the time in their life styles but when it comes to values; simply become ignorant.

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