Friday, September 11, 2009

PayPal Authorize Pakistan Now! Campaign

The other day i signed a cause petition at facebook to initiate PayPal services in Pakistan too as all other neighboring countries. Here's the response i got from the cause creator; I found it worth sharing here at my blog:

Dear Member,

Our for Pakistan demanding community has grown to over 4100 members all ready, the largest group to request to authorize services in Pakistan after UAE, China and India!

It's time to take this campaign to result oriented levels! If all of you Pakistanis (4,198 members) send over four thousand emails to PayPal, they will definitely reconsider their options for Pakistan!

Write an email with the title: " Authorize Pakistan Now!" to the following email address of the Owner and CEO of and

Again, if over 4000 members blog about this - spread the word – on your blogs and websites – the more activists and lobbyist effort we can garner! This is about us, this is for Pakistan!

You can also refer to this article on this campaign for ideas on what to write in your emails.
And refer them to this cause page.

Let's do it dear Pakistanis! If we have come this far, we can go even further together! Let's get to reconsider Pakistan today!
Fouad Bajwa
Cause Creator

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