Thursday, October 8, 2009

Am I a Veterinarian ???

Sometimes I feel I am a Veterinarian. I get preoccupied by this feeling whenever i get stuck up questioning a software and do not get luck in inspecting the cause and reproducing a behavior.

My software looks like a dumb, ineffable cow which cannot reply to my queries back, which cannot tell what troubles is it going through and whatever it says I am unable to understand because it does not speaks my language. The only response I get from the cow is its blank eye blinks and a halting and unresponsive gaze while I try to ask about its maladies.

I am going through this same situation now a days too with one of my cow (read as testing software). Wish me luck :(

Image Courtesy: The Straight Times 2009

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  1. well fatima! sometimes it happens, and i am also facing this situation these days :(, so best of Luck to you and me both :D


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